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In Lafayette, In. the county has put peoples ss number on a public computer system. I asked them to take mine off. Got the run-around. can they do any of that?

-- Rev. Nfn Roach (, June 01, 2000


I think you want to look a bit beyond the 'county' there, 'Roach'. As far as outer space, IMHO. It's like Reagan said: 'Nobody knows how true this really is'.

-- luke (, November 05, 2001.

Yesterday Peth and I went to the Dunkin' Donuts to get some coffee before the blizzard. We wanted Theresa to go home early, because she is old and we didn't want her to drive on the slick streets after the snow. So we were trying to be fast and we got up to the counter and this woman who was 1) not wearing a name tag, 2) high on something she had been huffing in the back, and 3) probably a real life gypsy took our order.

So I said, two coffees and some Munchkins and she went to get the coffee and Peth and I decided we needed to bring Theresa some coffee too, so I said, "Ma'am? Can we have three coffees? Three instead of two? Can we have three?"

And the gypsy said, "I'm twenty-five years old, you know. I'm only twenty-five."

I didn't know what she was talking about, but then Peth said, "oh, because he called you ma'am? Is that why you told us your age? Because he called you ma'am?"

The gypsy spun on her right heel and once her back was to us, she looked over her left shoulder at us. "I'm not a ma'am. I'm still very young!" She scampered off to get us our Munchkins.

Peth and I believe she wanted to get a threesome on with us. That's what we believe because our box of twenty-five Munchkins contained so many more than twenty-five Munchkins. SO MANY MORE. But we had to get back because Theresa needed to be sent home before the great snow.

We're responsible like that.

-- (jkjd@ijgles.itpi), May 13, 2002.

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