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How do I convert pixels to dpi and vice versa?

Thanks, Andres

-- Andres Carneiro (, June 01, 2000


First decide you output size. Lets take an 8x10 picture with a camera that has 1600x1200 pixels. If you want 150 dpi you have a picture that is 1600/150= 10.6" 1200/150= 8" so the picture is slightly cropped. 150 to 200 dpi is enough resolution to print on an inkjet printer even if the printer says it is 720 or 1400 dpi

-- Ralph (, June 01, 2000.

try this site, its explains this issue in great depth, and is a great site to pick up general advice and tips on scanning.


-- Martin Ellis (, June 02, 2000.

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