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I had a box of T-Max 4x5 film sitting on the coffee table. Someone decided to use it as a coaster and put a hot cup of coffee on it, for about maybe five or ten minutes the most. Does anyone know if this might of done any damage to my film? Thanks, Raven

-- Raven (, May 30, 2000


I doubt that anything happened to it, test it to be sure.

-- mark lindsey (, May 30, 2000.

Raven, Heat rises, so I doubt whether conductivity alone could have penetrated the three layers of cardboard and the foil packing to damage the film. However, if you figure out which sheets were on the top and test a couple you will know for certain. Regards, ;^D)

-- Doremus Scudder (, May 31, 2000.

Was it Kenyan, Jamaican or Columbian?

-- Sean yates (, May 31, 2000.

Ha! I needed a good laugh. Thanks. Raven

-- Raven (, June 01, 2000.

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