Hanging while using Xing encoder, also general info about Xing

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I have tried to use Xing to encode long avi's about 2hours long. Often my Xing encoder stops very near the end (around 80% or 90%) and just hangs. I end up with an incomplete mpeg file. I have found ways around this. using VirtualDub to cut the avi into two parts, then encode each seperatly, since the final product will be in two pieces anyway. Can anyone tell me why Xing does this? I tried using Ligos for the first time to see if it did any different. I used it on very slow mode, encoded fine all the way thru, but the color is very kinda off. Most of the movie looks like it is in a lower color depth, like 16 or 8bit color. Any ideas about this? One last question, much talk in this forum about Panasonic and Ligos, but not much Xing. Can anyone please reply to this with any and all other bad experiences with Xing Encoder? other than the hanging i seem to get pretty good results, good color, smooth motion, minimal blockiness. --Thanx, Matt

-- matt (tyger@mediaone.net), May 30, 2000


We use xing all the time. It does have a 2 gig limit because of windows. Even with 98. We get around this by using the plug-in from the time line in adobe 5.1. Hope this helps.............Dennis

-- Dennis McGuire (video8@swbell.net), May 31, 2000.

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