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hi, i have just purchased a linhof tehnikarden 5x4, 3 lenses, and a few extras. what do i put them in hard or soft case, i am thinking hard so i can stand on it, if so which one. so many out there??

-- Andrew Pritchard (, May 30, 2000


To stand on: Pelican or a very solid (and very heavy) Anvil or Calzone case. Zarges makes excellent aluminum caases, some waterproof and built to NATO military standards. But the best protection will be with either Lightware cases or Tenba Aircases, but they aren't designed to stand on, just absorb impact and vibration.

-- Ellis Vener (, May 30, 2000.

Hello, Someone else mentioned that they found a case at Loew's home improvement store for there 4x5. Well I picked up the same case and it is going to work great. In the dept. where they sell toolboxes etc. there is a large one with a red top and black bottom. Its big. Its made to be stood on. All I did was screw some braces across to hold the camera and voila', a view camera case. Cost...$25.00. I brought the camera into the store to make sure it would fit. Its a no frills alternative to $250-300 Craig M.

-- Craig Murphy (, June 06, 2000.

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