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wow - people are really getting harsh. don't sweat it mz... it takes a really brave person to insult someone annonymously.

-- alex (, May 30, 2000


Come on. We've all had the urge to do it. I have a greeting card. It is a picture of an overweight woman in tight, pink, flowered pants, horn-rimmed glasses, dated hair-do. She is standing in front of a rack of greeting cards. You can see the different catagories: get-well, thank-you etc. She is standing in front of the "Fat Ass" selection. You open the card and it says HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I have wanted to send this to someone in particular for 2 years now. When I get the nerve, I'll let you know.

-- C-Bri (, January 02, 2001.

That's pretty good.

-- molly zero (, January 03, 2001.

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