who was uncle henry holsten?

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I own a house on Russian Hill that was built in 1953, it replaced a house lived in by Uncle Henry Holsten, that house was built in the 1880's. I also have a house built in 188? that is on a photo in the history room of the library. The last occupanants of my house were the Martins. There parents were Madison of Pillsbury Madison and Sutro and Eleanor Martin the society Queen in the 1800's.

-- david johnson (dhj2508@worldspy.net), May 29, 2000


Hi there! Just replying to your post even though it is extremely old!! I was looking up my name and found it. In regards to your post, my Opa's name is Henry Holsten.. maybe there is some sort of family connection? ~Amanda~

-- Amanda Holsten (aeholsten@hotmail.com), August 07, 2003.

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