Can anyone help me, I'm a first timer here and I have fully developed my first VCD, everything went wong the first time but I thought I fixed all the bugs and gave it a go again, this time EZCD-CREATER 4.0 said it was successful, highly doubtful i checked the back of the cd and it looked ok.

The problem is, i can not play the .DAT on my computer. I used Active Movie, Media Player, Real Player, and a slew of VCD shareware players, none seem to work on the dat file.

I have burned from .bin (CDR-WIN Version of an ISO) VCD's before and I was able to play the DAT file. Why can't I now?

-- Gus (, May 29, 2000


I don't know why this happens. I've had this and other problems with EZCD Creator, and I finally gave up on it. I recommend you start using Nero or WinOnCD. They work fine.

-- Josh (, May 29, 2000.

I have nero 6 and have the VCD unreadable problem

I have used nero on 2 different computers using Winxp Pro to burn VCDs never over 24x speed and it works for some time, a few weeks or so then BAM it just spits out junk - you can see the VCD directories and dat file on the CD but it will not play - If you use a hex editor you find that the file is just random junk and not a mpeg file of any kind - Nero will still burn data CDs and Audio cds fine just not VCDs any more --- I had it do this on a computer that was only used as a digital VCR and had only a few programs for that reason - and it still did it - out of the blue even with no system changes

I had upgraded from Nero 5.5 in hopes of fixing this problem

I wonder if its a windows error

-- will1384 (astro_van_1985@yah00.c0m), August 10, 2003.

Nero will burn them now - I found out that its needs to have the media check left on - and when you burn tell it "not" to reencode and just burn - that is if its a MPEG1 file - A lot of DVD players will play MPEG1 files with different bitrates - and play them fine in VCD format

Dont know why but it does make a difference

with the media check off it places the file in the cue and does not ask any thing, it will burn, but not work - why - a bug ? its not changing the file till its burnt on cd, Then the file is junk and is not a MPEG file

-- will1384 (astro_van_1985@yah00.c0m), October 31, 2003.

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