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What's your favorite way to slack? What gives you the biggest fun-boost that is otherwise a waste of time?

My current one is playing the SIMS...bad, bad waste of time, but exactly the sort of silliness I want right now.

-- Anonymous, May 28, 2000


Brains Breaker jigsaw puzzles. You can even make your own jigsaws from any graphic image. Not a Sim...and I had to take it off my Afterlife. Build your own heaven and/or hell and manage them. Talk about taking up time and energy. You have to make sure you keep them populated to certain level or they collapse. Ever seen a hell collapse? It isn't pretty. Oh, and you have to keep purgatory supplied with beer.

-- Anonymous, May 28, 2000

Reading a little, napping a little, surfing my favorite on-line journals...

-- Anonymous, May 28, 2000

Fancy needlework in front of junky daytime TV. A big crocheted doily takes about a week of CourtTV. The Zamora trial turned into an afgan. If most of the trials weren't deadly boring I'd never get anything but needlework done. If I'm doing the sheer escapism thing, it's reading. Stress me and I dive into a book, snarling at anyone who disturbs me.

-- Anonymous, May 28, 2000

Riding my bike. This, of course, requires a lengthy period of deciding which bike to ride. I've got six of them.

-- Anonymous, May 29, 2000

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