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I would like to know, if Playstation 2 needs a VCD adaptor or any kind of accesories in order to play VCD(Video CD)? Someone told me, I need a imulator for the PS2 in order to play VCD, just like PS1 uses VCD adaptor to play VCD, I wanted to know if that's true or not? Please write me back, if you know the answer to my question. Thanks!

-- John Jung (, May 27, 2000



all you need is a simple adaptor that plugs into the back =)

goto or (i cant quite remember)

-- antony (, May 28, 2000.

I wondering if my PS2 has an mod chip inside,will it be able to play burned or copy games for the PS.

-- kay shay (, March 03, 2001.

You can play ps1 and ps2 burned games on ps2 with a neo 2 mod chip ps1 plays normally but ps2 needs the gameshark ver2 to play ps2 burned games

-- Lyon (, August 28, 2001.

I want to have a PS1 imulator

-- Maximilian Schneider (, November 29, 2002.

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