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What are people's opinions about bellows extension available for the Tachihara 4x5 Camera from Adorama Camera? Short bellows are a drawback to this brand but this might solve it. I was wondering what are people opinion on it?

-- David Payumo (dpayumo@home.com), May 27, 2000


I am not familiar with the bellows extension option for the Tachihara but I own and use a Tachihara and am quite pleased with it. The bellows length is certainly an important consideration in getting a camera. I think if longer lenses (300mm and more) are a main part of your lens usage, it would be a good idea to look at other cameras with more bellows. If you are just looking at a way to extend your longest lens for a bit closer focus (again, like a 300mm) than perhaps a special lensboard, tele lens, or such may be a good idea. Also, with the newer Tachihara, you can still pop the front standard in front of it's slot and use the front tilt to get a bit more extension. (about an inch.) Still, it's not made for this much extension so is not very solid out there. My lens range is 90mm to 240mm with this camera. It covers my needs and the camera handles this range well. Sorry I can't give you any first hand account of the bellows extension option you inquired about.

-- Gary Frost (gfrost@home.com), May 29, 2000.

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