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Thanks *loads* for posting a link to that. My husband thinks I'm (more) deranged because I find it so bizarrely compelling.

I just looked and the thumbnails were of three naked guys, one male couple, a bunch of baseball-cap folks just staring into their cams, and ... here's what I really don't get ... a couple of shots of empty rooms. (Whoo. A door. That's really exciting.)

So. Anyone else unable to stay away from Webcamnow?

-- Nicole (, May 26, 2000


The nekkids kick my ass....they are just so funny.....!!!!!!!!
I'm still in the car crash phase...know I shouldn't be lookin' but damn....there's just something about it...
It is bizarre...

-- Em (, May 27, 2000.

You know, I have probably been made more intimately aware of some men's pee-holes than I care to... I also find it disturbing that somewhere in this world, three nekkid guys are hanging out together. My personal goal, however, is to find somebody I work with up there!

-- MRene (, May 27, 2000.

You shoulda seen some of the shit on there today...saturday afternoon and what are these freaks doing??
How sad is this shit?
Ya know how you see those stories on Hard Copy and such about those suburban couples that look like Barbie and Ken, but both have quit their jobs to stay home and provide peeping toms with entertainment, and the school board has found out and wants to take their kids away?? But they are now millioniars from their little site???
I thought, while lookin' at the nekkids today...if you had the nerve to do that shit...wouldn't you do it for lots of money?
Then I took a look at them nekkids there....who the hell would pay to see that?

-- Em (, May 27, 2000.

I think I'd pay some of those nekkids to put their clothes back *on.*

And hell, some of these weirdos were at it on Saturday *morning*. (What does it say about me that I was peeping that early? Eh ... never mind.) I like the more enterprising souls who prop a big sign in front of their cams directing you to some other URL where I bet you're supposed to pay for the privilege of watching some of these folks.

Um ... no. I think not.

-- Nicole (, May 27, 2000.

It was only a matter of time before the rednecks got wired and put up an e-trailer park.

-- Jaeme (, May 27, 2000. e-trailer park...
Check out what I found there last night!

-- Em (, May 27, 2000.

You did it Em. We're hooked on 'the nekkids' too, except they're generally called 'the uglies' here. [g] I have R's whole dev-tech team addicted to laughing these ugly masturbating people. I think makin' fun of 'the uglies' is possibly the single biggest challenge to company productivity since Napster. [laugh] I keep expecting to see one of my old high school teachers there. [yuck - shudder] And the penises! Gad - I realize now that I've probably been 'blessed' with non-ugly penises in my life. I had no idea just how ugly an ugly penis could get!! [laugh] Ahhh yes it's not just fun, it's educational! [g]

-- Rachel (, May 31, 2000.

Oh, man, MrsKurius! God, she *does* look like some mean office drone. I could totally imagine her huffing around my office and bitching at people who didn't get their timesheets in yet.

She's been easing her way into this whole exhibitionist thing ... I'd notice her popping up in the thumbnails but she'd never be doing anything. I think on Monday night, she finally took her red bra off. To which someone in the chat room immediately said, "Can you please stand up so the cam won't show YOUR FACE?"

-- Nicole (, May 31, 2000.

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