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Has anyone used the TMPEG encoder yet? Someone that replied to one of my other postings says that it outperforms Panasonic Encoder. It supposedly rocks and ou can find it here : Please let me know what feedback you can give to me. Please email me opinions on this encoder. Thanks, Cale

-- Cale Ferguson (, May 26, 2000


It's clearer, the colours are not wishy washy(a tech term),it's VHS quality, it's FREE..... The's a bit slower....

-- ric (, May 26, 2000.

How much slow? The Panasonic encoder does a beautiful job, but it seems to be limited at 6.01 frames/second on encoding. I've seen this same value on two different machines (athlon 500 w 128Mb ram and 8.4 hd, and Athlon 800, 256Mb ram and 20+20Gb hd, both with a 4Gb Mpeg2 source) so the extra speed doesn't fasten the encode process. If the Tmpeg is slower than Panasonic but scales better, it can be a serious alternative not only for quality but for speed too.

-- Jean-Luc Picard (, May 27, 2000.

I have got the software; However, i can't seem to make it do anything. All it does is do a direct copy of my mpeg to another mpeg with a slightly bigger file. What am i doing wrong?

-- lnguyen (, May 27, 2000.

It only encodes .AVI, but it will de-mux MPEG1 files and has some other mpeg1 tools.

-- EG Marshall (, May 29, 2000.

One site reports it as being a "good" image and faster than bbMPEG. That was related to SVCD, if its "good" compared to bbMPEG then Panasonic is still going to be the benchmark in Mpeg-1.

-- Ross McL (, May 30, 2000.

I think the image is somewhat better than "good", in a standard VCD it rivals the Panasonic but does not have the options for adding black lines etc which are essential to produce a 16:9 AR. I found it was essential to set it up in the correct sequence as well or one does not necessarily get what one expects. Speed? well there is no point in me making any comment related to my poor old 233mmx pentium.

Long: Yes it only handles avi's and VfW ones at that, so it does not support firewire. I fed it with one of my all "I" Mpeg2's at 14500kb/s that I use in the Panasonic and it seemed to do just as you said, it did not resize either. Its therefore not as functional as Panasonic. But it does have a mpeg2 capability in the SVCD area, well maybe, I found some problems in PAL, be interesting to see if there is a reply.

-- Ross McL (, May 30, 2000.

The earlier Tmpenc, 12b (beta b)DOES NOT encode Mpeg2 anymore. In case someone thing it does. The version 1.2a is *ABSOLUTELY SUPERB* in quality. I dont' understand why Tsunamy removed the Mpeg2 features that were working so damn well with the previous beta. ???? IMHO, He's been bought !!! Tsunami states: "Have made license agreement with "MPEG LA" regarding to MPEG-2 patents" Version : Beta12b. 2000/12/04 Disabled MPEG2 related function

My advice is to keep the version 1.2a Preciously and share it :D

And contrary to some info, TMPEnc works well encoding my type1 DV movies, right into the most professionnal quality results.


-- BenZen (, January 02, 2001.

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