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how may i get peters e-mail address - or any address for that matter - for the purpose of informing him about the reality of there being thousands of Aeon Flux fans - and - can he give us more !! thank you - steve

-- STEPHEN L. DUNKEL (sdunkel@dpmail.com), May 26, 2000


I am currently in e-mail correspondance with THE MAN himself, praising his holy glory like a damn seraph or something. You can send him a note at

-- Frostbite (mbkrooks@bellsouth.net), May 26, 2000.

Wha? Alright, WHY the e-mail adress didn't show up is beyond me. I'll try again:

-- Frostbite (mbkrooks@bellsouth.net), May 26, 2000.

Does anybody know why this isn't working?

-- Frostbite (mbkrooks@bellsouth.net), May 26, 2000.

Oh, and yes he DID do those Checkers and Hot Wheels commercials, so there.

-- Frostbite (mbkrooks@bellsouth.net), May 26, 2000.

Yeah, right, I know how it is, I couldn't get through to Bill, either.

-- Barb e. (Suesuesbeo@aol.com), May 26, 2000.

Wow Frostbite! really....that's awesome....i praise him like a god...oh wait he is my god...heh...try the address again...my thought on why it won't show is if everyone had access to his address then he would be overflowing with mail...hummmm how did u get his address anyhow?

-- Lady Morgan (Aeonfluxfan1@Aol.com), May 26, 2000.

just fluxing with you, these girls are aeonized. watch out.

-- Barb e. (Suesuesbeo@aol.com), May 26, 2000.

I think that unless anyone has an extremely good question to ask Peter it might be better to not bother him? Unless he encourages hundreds of emails that asking the same things? Although I have read he does appreciate fans, I am assuming he does not have the time.

-- William (stateofflux@yahoo.com), May 27, 2000.

I've been hanging around the Alexander site. When I posted on the board about the Checkers commercial, he sent me an e-mail to confirm it. Here's a transcript of his response: Subject: very perceptive I saw your message on the ani-alexander site and thought I should send you this response. Go to http://www.wildcoast.org/dvd/kev.html Look for the update from Saturday 01/08/2000. Click on the updated "Japanimation" commercials. (By the way, if you have any questions about Aeon Flux, Alexander, or whatever, drop me a line. I'll try to answer them. And thanks for your interest in my work.) Best, Peter Chung We've been chatting ever since. Seems like a nice guy. Very personable. I was thinking we could all gather together a few BIG QUESTIONS about the show and I'll send them to him.

-- Frostbite (mbkrooks@bellsouth.net), May 27, 2000.

Er, Frostbite, you didn't mention that little incident around here wherin you were made god of this site, did you? Or who knows maybe that's why he is talking to you... Hey, that is so cool. Chatting with Peter Chung...thanks for the offer about the BIG questions from us. Very thoughtful, I will have to think of a question, but of course you could always make it "when are you gonna do Aeon again?" and of course I guess it goes for all of us, so tell us, what's he like? Is he like incredibly intelligent, which is how I picture him and intense, with a sense of humor...so cool, Frostbiter, really.

-- Barb e. (Suesuesbeo@aol.com), May 27, 2000.

But Frostbite, if you do ask about Aeon, phrase it a little differently than I did

-- Barb e. (Suesuesbeo@aol.com), May 27, 2000.

I think this is another one of my Godly powers, or something. He's a pretty straightforward guy. Most of our words thus far have not been about Aeon Flux specifically, it's been more about Alexander and where he's going next. We go off on bizzare irrelevent tangents sometimes. He says I watch too much TV.

-- Frostbite (mbkrooks@bellsouth.net), May 27, 2000.

Tell him you spend a lot of time on the computer too...

-- Barb e. (Suesuesbeo@aol.com), May 27, 2000.

Some very cool things have been happening since I last visited this board! I usually don't get to surf the Web til late at night, that's why it sometimes looks like I've vanished... I'm very pleased to hear of your talks with Chung, Frostbite. He seems to keep a low profile, and at first I wasn't sure if you were serious, but damn... Peter Chung! That's awesome. If you could relay these questions to him I would be eternally grateful: 1st, I'd like to know what the difference is between writing for animation and for live-action programs, as I have my own serial in mind & have not yet decided which way to go. Also, can he tell us a little bit about his movie project? Finally, I'd like to recommend a book to him, "Techgnosis" by Erik Davis. It's really a fascinating read and I think the subject matter would appeal to him. Thank you, and please keep in touch with Peter, you are our source!

-- Paul D. Gilbreath (gilbreathfamily@worldnet.att.net), May 28, 2000.

Done. I'm also sending a few questions about Chronophasia and the Purge which none of us have been able to figure out thus far. It'll prbably take a week or so for him to respond. I'm sure he doesn't check his e-mail every few hours like I do.

-- Frostbite (mbkrooks@bellsouth.net), May 28, 2000.

Maybe we should keep it to Frostbite as a conduit for our messages to Chung so he doesn't get absolutely bombarded and have to change addresses. Just a thought.

-- eskimonkey (eskimonkey@hotmail.com), May 29, 2000.

Good idea, works for me.

-- Barb e. (Suesuesbeo@aol.com), May 29, 2000.

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