Alone I would like to know how to interpret this poem, the tone , the theme, the mood and the symbol : LUSENET : The Work of Edgar Allan Poe : One Thread

I would like to know what the meaning of this poem "ALONE" what is the writer feeling and what he makes you feel. who is the speaker. what images are in this poem. thank you.

-- Anonymous, May 25, 2000


The poem "Alone" is, to me, an autobiography of his childhood. The first 6 or 7 lines explain the insecurity of his early childhood, and how he could not want the same things as other children (i.e. I could not bring my passions from a common spring). His father, and his mother died when he was very young. He was taken in by Mr. and Mrs. John Allan, who never really "adopted" him.(And all I loved-I loved alone) Lines 8 through 22 speak of his teen years to present. He was a compulsive gambler (a disorder supposedly inherited by his father), and a heavy drinker. "the mystery which binds me still"- Perhaps Poe did not know the cause of his depression. "From the torrent, or the fountain"- possibly a metaphor for cause and effect "From the red cliff of the mountain"- could be interpreted as overcoming an obstacle "From the sun...autumn tint of gold"- Brief periods of happiness "From the lightning...Demon in my view"- In the brief moment of success, another greater obstacle is present.

When I read "Alone", I see a poor man pressed down by his own fears and insecurities. There are so many people today who are parentless, different, and/or constantly harrassed because of these differences. Poe, I think, was a very independent, talented man. Through his writings he tried to explain how he is, though he wrote at a level too high for the people during his time.

-- Anonymous, May 31, 2000

i had to analyze this poem for a class...this is what i got from it... he's saying that ever since he was born, he saw and took the world in differently than everyone else. not badly, just dofferently. he found beauty in the uncommon things, not the typical. and he felt that he was the only one who did "and all i lov'd - i lov'd alone -" and what everyone else found was beautiful, he thought the opposite "of a demon in my view" have you seen American Beauty? well the guy with the camera, he had the same idea i think. i hope that helps

-- Anonymous, July 26, 2000

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