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HI! My name is Ailena and about a year ago, I decided to train to become a doula. After attending my first birth, I became pregnant and moved to a small commune/community in Alaska where I now live. After a year of living here, I have been through a miscarraige and am now four months pregnant. I have decided not to become a doula and dedicate myself to my family and community. I have many great books and two videos that I used while studying that I dont want to go to waste. I am offerring them for sale for a low price and they are all in excellent condition. I hope someone will find them useful, many are on the required reading list for DONA certification. Thank you!, AIlena Titles; "An Easier Childbirth", Gayle Peterson, Ph.D asking$7.00 + s&h "Mothering the Mother", Klaus, Kennel, Klaus asking $8.00 + s&h "Special Delivery", Dancy asking $8.00 s+h "Active Birth", Janet Balaskas, worn, asking 5.00 + s+h "Birthing Normally", Peterson, asking $8.00 + s+h "Birthing From Within", Pam England and Rob Horowitz asking$8.00 + s+h "Spiritual Midwifery", Ina May Gaskin, asking $10.00 + s+h "the New Age Herbalist", Richard Mabey, asking$8.00 + s+h And two Videos "Special Women", "How a labor assistant makes birth safer, more satisfying, and less expensive", Injoy Videos, asking $20.00 + s+h "Comfort measures for Childbirth", Penny simkin, asking $20.00 + s+h

ANyone interested can email me at Thank you!

-- Ailena DiBenedetto (, May 25, 2000


I was just wondering if I am too late to get the 2 videos and Mothering the mother. Please let me know ! Thanks Kristen Stacks

-- Kristen L. Stacks (, July 12, 2000.

Hi!! I am sure I am too late but, I am interested in Mothering the Mother and the 2videos!! Let me know!! Thanks- Jenny DuBois

-- Jenny DuBois (, January 09, 2001.

I'm interested in "Spiritual Midwifery" Is it still available for $10 +s/h?

-- Judi Rivera Angelucci (, August 21, 2001.

Hi. Do you still have the Balaskas' book Active Birth for $5 + shipping?

let me know, Marci Freeman

-- marci freeman (, October 09, 2001.

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