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I have kept in contact with the nursing staff since my daughter was born 8-29-99 (I was the only mom in the ward for the full two days so I got to know them well) and recently spoke to the head nurse about my quest to become a doula. I asked her if it would be possible to volunteer on the ward and offer my services FREE to any laboring mom that comes in so that I could increase the number of births attended. She was very interested and is actively persuing a program at the hospital (it is a Navy hospital) to train Doulas. If anyone is looking for experience (and a way to get to know the nursing staff at local hospitals) ask them about volunteering. I am a pre-med major and am training as a childbirth educator and Doula to enhance my career.... I had a Doula with both my kids and I will encourage my patients to seek out Doula services when I become an Obstetrician..... Angie

-- Angie Trask (IMA_RITER@HOTMAIL.COM), May 25, 2000


Most large cities have programs for expectant teens, and places like these are often in dire need of volunteers. It is an excellent way to get birth experience. In Toronto there is a center called Massey House ( http://www.massey.ca ) and I'm sure there are many similar places elsewhere.

-- Robin Andersen (shadowv@hullabaloo-raves.com), November 20, 2001.

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