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Do you throw spilled salt over your shoulder? Forward chain letters? Keep your fingers crossed?

-- Erica (, May 25, 2000


I t hought of this question earlier this week, when a friend emailed me a nasty chain letter, promising death to those who didn't respond. I hated that I received it, so I forwarded it to spammers, so as not to break the rule of sending it out to 10 people. Two birds, one stone.

Shortly after I moved to SF, a roomie and I found a bag of money, probably belonging to a drug dealer (or a tourist who didn't happen to know any of their friends' last names to put in their phone book). It wasn't enough to make us rich, but as we were both broke from just paying the rent, we thought it was good for a splurge. We thought of getting tattoos, but decided we didn't want that money on our bodies forever, either.

-- Erica (, May 25, 2000.

superstitious.. sure.. cautious.. yep. :)

-- courtney (, May 27, 2000.

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