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I was curious about Aeon Flux and her inclination toward indulging in foot fetishism(worship) has anyone else noticed this. I remember specifically scenes in two episodes that had fetish undertones. Does anyone know which episodes they were and are they availabe on video tape?

-- (, May 24, 2000


I think the foot fetish themes were mainly explored in the first season. I'm sure it comes up again but I can't think of when. The entire first season is available on the first Aeon Flux video.

-- John McDevitt (, May 24, 2000.

Let's see, first season: foot tickling and licking, third season: filing toenails. That's all I can remember. Unless you count the Herodotus File where she thrusts her naked foot (I said FOOT!) into the camera. Also, in the second season, she has some sort of whip she almost beats Clone-Trevor with (Whee!).

-- Frostbite (, May 26, 2000.

A person with a sexual fetish will find it necessary to have some external object present, either in fantasy or reality, in order to be sexually satisfied. The fetish can be mild and socially acceptable, (for example, a black lace nightie), but it is a necessary part of the sex life. Most fetishes develop during adolescence, and the object is often associated with the mother or other significant person. Sometimes the fetish takes the form of objectification of a part of the body, such as the foot. This is known as partialism.

-- Barb e. (, June 02, 2000.

I was hoping someone would respond to this, because it has come up before, but it only has been mentioned I think in terms of questions. My opinion is this girl has had something significant happen that sparked an response in her, in her adolescence. Of course some people think fetishisms make sex interesting. If it was created for that reason, I am not surprised, but if it was created in order to deepen and explain why this 'poor unfortunate girl' behaves like she does, then I am impressed. Love to hear your thoughts on this one.

-- Barb e. (, June 08, 2000.

That's usually the way it works. There's this guy on the web who has a truly passionate fetish for blue pleated skirts, even if no one's wearing them. He used to run, just, the best pornography sit EVER, which you can find by typing "Sandy Beach" into Yahoo. I say best because it's covered in intelligent opinions, articles, and stories instead of the words CUM!!! CUNT!!! FUCK!!! DICK!!! like yer average site.

-- Frostbite (, June 08, 2000.

Actually, it might be easier if you typed "Dark Water"

-- Frostbite (, June 08, 2000.

Concerning DarkWater's site: Yes, it's really unique... it typically takes a fetish picture and explains its symbolisms.

-- Vittorio Barabino (, June 09, 2000.

Ah, the web site is

-- Vittorio Barabino (, June 09, 2000.

I thought about the foot fetish thing when I was watching some of the episodes and it occurred to me that in certain cultures, people get turned on by things that are not considered erotic by western standards. For instance, feet can be considered highly erotic in certain cultures.

That got me thinking...pretty much every body part is out in the open for people to see in the Aeon Flux series - the costumes are pretty revealing for both sexes. I remember reading that Peter Chung originally wanted to have more actual nudity in the series, but MTV wouldn't go for it. BUT, everyone has shoes on or boots on all the time. Maybe in the Monican/Breen culture feet are considered really erotic and are covered up because they might be borderline indecent.

This is a completely wild guess, but it did occur to me because everything else is so extreme with S&M overtones, it's interesting the foot is such a big deal to Aeon.

In one of the episodes Aeon is on a foot fetish magazine cover as a model in the scene before she's having her feet licked by that creature after she dies. Maybe that's erotic heaven to Monicans and Breens.

-- Kris (, June 24, 2000.

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