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Hi,I am A great R.E.M. fan who sleeps ,talks ,drinks,and even farts R.e.M.(Please don't feel offended..all you r.e.m. fans!).I only want to know if R.E.M is going to come to India or not.Desperately waiting for a response.

-- Venkat S Rao (, May 24, 2000


You know Venkat,
Nobody really knows where they are going to tour. I mean they haven't been to Mexico or Isreal either. But fans are the most important thing to REM, as you know, so if I were you I'd mail REMHQ a plea letter continuously over and over again tell they respond:) If that doesn't work then maybe someone else can help you out here....
Goodbye Ol'faithful R.E.M. fan:)

-- Lisa (, May 24, 2000.

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