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I have recently purchased the Digitrax Chief Radio Starter set. Wow is it cool. However, I can not seem to get the DT100R to operate in radio mode. I am using 6 wire digital phone cable to connect the UR91 to my DCS200. I have installed a fresh 9 volt battery in the DT100R. When I have the DT100R tethered via the jack on the UR91, everything works great. When I disconnect the DT100R the green LED on the UR91 indicates that it is receiving the radio commands but nothing happens on the layout. The red loconet LED on the DCS200 does nothing. I have read the manual for DCS100 (this is what was packed) and the DT100R. DO I need to enable a function on the DCS200 to use radio control? I am confused and any help would be great.

Thanks Matthew Taylor Coon Rapids, MN

-- Matthew Taylor (taylorml@uswest.net), May 23, 2000


Hi Matthew;

Welcome to the DCC world. I have the DCS100, DT100R and a UR91 also. First and for most, check your Loco Net cables. It sounds to me like one of your cables doesnt have a good connection at the jack end between the UR91 and the DCS200. If that is the case (and it sounds like it is) the cable needs to be tested or replaced. There should have been a tester shipped with your set. If not, you can contact Loys Toys a person who I deal with quite regularly at http:/www.loystoys.com (If you have access to a computer) or 501-456- 2888. You can fax him at 501-456-2886. Or you can send e-mail to LoysToys@alltel.net. I hope this will solve your problem. Enjoy!

Larry H.

-- Larry Hannahan (LHannahan@aol.com), June 30, 2000.

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