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I have a wonderful recipe for Hawaiian Sweet bread- but it is for bread machines only- does anyone have one for by hand (I don't own a bread machine.) and /or know how to convert a machine recipe into a "by hand" recipe?

-- Anonymous, May 23, 2000


I've done this before by using the dough cycle, then treat the dough as you would when making a loaf to be baked in the oven. Shape into a loaf, place into a sprayed or lightly greased pan,cover, let rise til doubled the bake in a preheated oven .

-- Anonymous, May 25, 2000

THe main differance that I have found is that the ingredence combine in the machine Differently. Take a reg. Recipe and your machine recipe and combine the machine in the order off of the reg. one. Also have you may want to take out a little flour and add it slowly after the dough is ready to be needed the dough may be wetter than reg. dough. I'm expermenting my self so it would be nice to here how it goes. Rhonda at

-- Anonymous, January 04, 2001

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