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What strange coincidences have you experienced?

-- Anonymous, May 23, 2000


Well, I don't really have a strange coincidence to relate, but I do think, "Hot rat-on-rat action!" belongs in your Meta-tags for the "Like Sands..." site description.

-- Anonymous, May 23, 2000

On my first date with my now-boyfriend, apropos of nothing, I asked him what his middle name is. Turns out, his middle name was the same obscure Danish family name that my stepfather has as his first name.

They're related, though they have never met.

My boyfriend will be related to more people at my family's Thanksgiving dinner than I am. Lovely, that.

-- Anonymous, May 23, 2000

When I got married, I had lost track of all my friends from high school. The only one I wanted to invite was Carolyn, and I was just resigned to the idea that she wasn't going to be there. After we mailed out the invitations, I got a call from somebody who said, "This is Carolyn Green. I just got invited to your wedding." I didn't recognize her voice until she pointed out her maiden name, which I recognized.

Turns out she had married a guy who worked down the hall from my wife, a guy who my wife thought was cool enough to invite to the wedding.

So Carolyn was there after all.

-- Anonymous, May 23, 2000

oh yeah, I've got one -- my birthday is Nov 23.

-- Anonymous, May 23, 2000

I went to my first non-Salsa dance club last Saturday with a bunch of my friends. My goal for the night was to find some random, cute, approachable, and safe-looking guy to dance sensually with, get my groove on, and go home happy. Well, I found out yesterday that the guy I groped.. um, I mean danced with is my friend's boyfriend's best friend who came up for his graduation. I was mortified by this for about ten seconds. Now, I think it's hilarious.

-- Anonymous, May 23, 2000

a string of weird coincidences with my friend juan in high school. along with sharing the same first and middle names, we liked precisely the same music.

we also have a very similar astrological configuration (yeah, yeah). i'm a leo with a libra rising and moon in taurus, he is a taurus with a leo rising and a moon in libra. we both dated girls named laura, and they both played the clarinet.

now for the *real* ass-kicker. we both dated girls who were half- asian, salutatorians for their high school class... and had their college educations paid for by the military. these girls also had the same last name (harris), but were not related.

oooo. spooky!

-- Anonymous, May 23, 2000

Here's a coincidence for you...I was just thinking I had some urges to look at Rat Porn, and there it is, right on your page! How fortuitous!

The other day, my math teacher guessed my birthday when we were talking about probability. "Let's say Andrea's birthday is...oh, October 26..." Whoa. That was odd.

-- Anonymous, May 23, 2000

I moved here to Denver, CO in 1992 from metro Detroit. The first time I went to the supermarket an old woman saw my license plates and asked, "Now, what are you doing here all the way from Michigan"? Turns out that her sister lives a block away from my Mom's house! That blew me away for awhile.

-- Anonymous, May 24, 2000

not strange, but cute, i think--

i was helping a friend carry a giant keyboard to his apartment from band practice a few blocks away. unfortunately he had lost one of the control knobs somehow while walking to practice. walking back to the apartment, he told me to keep my eye open for a little black knob. as a reflex i glanced down at the sidewalk and stopped. i asked him, 'what, you mean like this one?' of course, right there, at that moment, was the exact knob that he lost.

-- Anonymous, May 24, 2000

All in April:
My friend Teru went to India for a while and emailed that he'd met this nice Korean guy (I'm Korean) who was moving to NYC soon and could I keep my ears open for an apt. for the guy. Around the same time an editor for an L.A. magazine I'd freelanced for but had never seen in person emailed saying he was moving to NYC and we'd have to meet up. The art gallery I co-own had an opening and in walked Teru with his new friend from India, who, of course, turned out to be the editor from L.A.
The next week, the gallery was rented out for a party sponsored by Index Magazine and showcasing the work of a young jewelry designer. Several days later I went to a barbeque party in Brooklyn, where the hostess (whom I'd never met before), asked me if the necklace I was wearing was a Kristine Moore design. I asked how she knew that, since the piece I was wearing wasn't going to be sold in stores until the fall. She said she'd attended the line's launch party at a gallery in SoHo, which, of course, was mine..........................

-- Anonymous, May 26, 2000

When I was a kid, our family went to Florida for vacation. While we were there we stopped at a K-Mart for some beach supplies and who should we run into but our next door neighbor from home. Also, I run a used bookstore in Tennessee and there are never really all that many people in the store at the same time. One day we had two men browsing in the history section and they got to talking and it turns out they were both from the same little obscure town in Eastern Europe.

-- Anonymous, May 29, 2000

My best coincidence isn't too earth-shaking. I went to the eye doctor early, sat down to wait, and when the door to the exam room opened my mother came out. I didn't even know we went to the same eye doctor. Also explains why, at the age of 30, I wear glasses my mother helped me pick out.

This one isn't that great either. My father and I did a 12 hour drive in one day from Cleveland, OH (where we went to a World Series game) to his house in Vermont. We stopped for dinner in a little town I had never heard of, Ballston Spa, NY. Drove on to Vermont and the next morning I continued home to Central Mass because I had to work. I was working in a supermarket at the time, and a customer stopped me to ask me a question as soon as I walked in the door. The guy was wearing a nametag from some convention he was attending nearby, and it showed he was from Ballston Spa, NY. Unfortunately, he was kind of a jerk, and was not at all impressed when I told him I had eaten dinner in Ballston Spa the night before.

Wow, there's two exceptionally boring coincidences for ya.

-- Anonymous, May 30, 2000

When I was in junior high school I made two new friends named Sean Olsen and Dan Olson. One day we were talking about our families and we were surprised to learn that both Sean and Dan had younger brothers named Steve. Then came the kicker: both Steve's had the same exact birthday.

Steve Olsen - February 17, 1970
Steve Olson - February 17, 1970

The school district was always getting their records mixed up.

r a n d o m l i f e

-- Anonymous, May 31, 2000

Here's a nifty one, and it has to do with you: I don't often peruse your website, but I have it bookmarked, and every so often I'll check in. Today I clicked on your "Rat Porn" entry, and read it with amusement. Then, on impulse, I checked your archives, and went to the earliest I could find, May 1996. (I was just curious if you would describe the how and why of your entry into online diarizing (sic).

In the May 31 entry, in the last line, you speculate about our one day finding the biological causes of homosexuality, and one day creating "gay mice!" Do you even remember that?

-- Anonymous, June 09, 2000

I could probably go four or five pages with odd coincidences. But, I'll just give you two, which are of the lesser mind boggling.

One, my mother and I were in the kitchen, starting to cook dinner. MY grand parents were coming over and were bringing a dish or two. While we were talking and puttering around the kitchem my mother set the oven for 375 degrees. About a minute later the phone rang, and my mom said it was Nana. She was right. I had answered the phone, and it was her calling to ask us to preheat the oven for 375, she was coming over soon.

Another, my family went on a vacation to Denver, CO where we lived 10 years ago. On the train in the mountains, someone asked my dad if we were from Florida. We are and he asked how he knew. He said it was by the sunshine sports cap my dad was wearing. It turned out that his son applied for a newspaper job that my dad's employee recieved, and left the newspaper for. Then it turned out that his son was now applying for a job under my father, in Jacksonville, FLA. This was in Denver, CO. on a tourist train. Then he asked my father is he should like to meet his son, he was in the next car.

-- Anonymous, January 12, 2001

This one isnt something that happened to me it was more my grandmother. She was in Ireland with her Boyfriend. He said somethinf funny and she laughed. From the Other end of the bar she heard a familiar voice say " no one on gods green earth laughs like that but margaret o'leary (my grandmothers name). The man and my grandma knew eachother from a bar back home in NY. The two didn't even know that the other was goig to Ireland yet they were there at teh same time in the same town at the same pub.

-- Anonymous, April 25, 2001

I went to Disneyworld and my wife and kids were there at the very same time I was!!!

Also, my brothers and sister have the same father AND the same mother as I do!!!!

-- Anonymous, May 01, 2001

Ohhhh so many weird coincidences for ya!

once, I was living in the streets of Brooklyn, 3 days after I lost my job, and my boss from New Jersey (the place I worked before being fired)was walking down the sidewalk in brooklyn where I I shot him!

My cat, Josie, is 17 years old, and so is my grandmother! THAT IS F***** UP!!!!!!

And the weirdest thing to ever happen to me: I lost my right leg in a car accident, and 8 years later, I saw a guy who ALSO lost his right leg in a car accident at the mall!!!!!!

-- Anonymous, June 16, 2001

Strange thing here.....not really a coincidence but very weird... we were playing in a band one day in this guys garage then all of a sudden the lights dimmed. turned out a light bulb had fallen out of the ceiling and fallen 8 ft onto a concrete floor and hadn't crashed.

-- Anonymous, September 10, 2001

I used to work in an office which dealt with pensions. As such we used to have piles of staff personal files in our cabinets. We always used to look out for amusing names and we did see quite a few, but one was wierd. A guy whose birthdate was 25th Dec 1966 was called Noel Christmas. Now you might think that he must have changed his name to Christmas but I checked his file and I confirmed that his father was called Mark Christmas and was born in March 1940 !

-- Anonymous, September 20, 2001

The first dog we ever owned was called Toby. The first guy I ever slept with was with a guy called Toby. Turns out this guy was a complete dog too!!

When I was little I was scared of going to the dentist. The only way my dad could get me to go was by mkaing me laugh. Then one day, it was my mum that took me. She took me to a new dentist which made it even more scary. I cried and cried, yet she still forced me to go. In the waiting room, I gave everyone a headache with tears and screams (mum was really unfunny). Luckily, the dentist came in at that point, "good morning Simone, I'm looking down your mouth today, I'm Dr.Hiscock". The tears were of laughter after that little intro...

-- Anonymous, January 26, 2002

Well it's been some months since the last post on this thread, but I just found this site, plus the previous entry tickled a coincidence memory.

The first case of puppy love I had was in 4th Grade for a girl named Noelle Wainwright. Redheaded, freckled, long nails, strong, hot tempered, last name means wagon maker. She beat most of my friends arm wrestling :) I tried to learn to dance so we could dance at the school dances. But the coincidence was :Both of us were born on Christmas, myself 2 weeks early at around 4am, she 2 weeks late about 12 hours later at 4pm. She moved away that summer. :(

Much much later I took a couple classes at a local JC for fun- Marine Geology, a bird course and Sociology. I took a desk next to this lady. Later we had to form discussion groups. The group did intros and along the way we figured out that we grew up in the same general area of Marin. I moved up to Sonoma Co. when my parents divorced but she went to freshman year of high school with my old friends. She then moved north andwe went to the same high school down in Sonoma Co., graduated the same year, and based on our last names must have had lockers a couple places apart. After examining yearbook pics, I still drew a blank, but she thought she remembered me. On another note, I've always had a petty desire to meet Wynona Ryder just so that I would know if I had or not (she went to my school, had classes with friends of mine, I *probably* ran into her, but I can't say... which bugs me as she's the only celeb that went there) and it turns out this lady's sister is friends with her. Bah. She took to going out with one of our former wildlife biologists. I still see her about town occaisionally.

Speaking of the High school in Marin, a bunch of my friends I met in college turned out to have gone to that high school, as well as one of my bosses. It's just not that big a school. *shakes head*

I guess another coincidence was turning on the History channel when China Beach was on and seeing an interview with my Aunt.

Let's see... where my mom was working for a bit, my Grandpa's old picture was up on the wall as a former muckymuck.

Our GIS tech just left for Calistoga in Napa Co., and her boss lives in Anguin- where my family used to go vacation at the White Cottage Ranch (which is now subdivisions). Ok so that's not a great one.

There was also this one radio announcer locally. I had a mental image of the chap as a big guy, slightly heavy, florid, blond haired and the type that would wear Hawaiian shirts. My boss of the time met him and well I was apparently right. Never met the fellow as far as I know.

Gahh I talk on and on.

Anyhow, interesting diary and forum. I'll probably Lurk. :)


-- Anonymous, April 12, 2002

I was doing nothing, just surfing around. I typed 'something funny' at google, but because I was a little tipsy, I typed a f instead of a g. Still, I got 57 results, and this page was the first. Has someone been so tipsy like me?

-- Anonymous, September 09, 2002

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