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I am so happy to find you. I am certifying to be a Pregnancy and Labor Assistant with a local organization right now, and am feeling pressure to name my doula business. Are there advantages, or disadvantages to having a name (i.e. open arms birth support, etc.)? Or is it best to go with your personal name? I am also concerned with the name of my business being mistaken as too mystical or 'earth-mother' for the general medical community (open arms is not the name) and what should I do to prevent that image from coming across? Thanks, Kirsten

-- Kirsten M. Olsen (, May 22, 2000


Hi there Kirsten. I think when it comes to naming your business, it is such a personal choice. Some women I know use their name and yet others use more commercial types (ie Labor of Love). It is totally up to you. If you are "earthy", you want that to come through because then you will reach out to women with the same feelings. If not, that's OK too....just be yourself and you will do fine. Good luck to you! :) Andrea

-- Andrea Eastman (, May 24, 2000.

I am going with a business name. I think it keeps it easier to keep it separate from my 'regular life', and I like the creativity of it. I too want to avoid the 'earthy' overtones, but I don't want to exclude it either.


-- Kristina Kruzan (, November 12, 2002.

My business name is Expecting Miracles. I think it sounds sweet and babies are miracle! Think of the people you are targeting- pregnant woman; Then choose a name you think will get their attention and appeal to them.


-- Michelle Schnaars (, May 30, 2004.

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