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I know this site for just a month and I've got lots of interrested families, but I don't know how you work. I understanded from some people that the family has to pay the travel costs and medical insurance, etc. Is this also whit your organization? I would like you to give me the answer because I think it is rude to ask it to the family.

-- Sofie Camp (, May 22, 2000


Hi Sofie, I don't really understand what your question is. Have you read the faq page?

Aupair World is NO organization ! Aupair World is NO agency ! We do no screening of Au Pairs of families ! We do not offer any insurances or special air fares or any similar stuff !

It's just a database backed site where everybody can search and register. We do not sell your email address nor cooperate with any advertising agency. We respect everybodies privacy though your email address is absolutly confidential. That's o.k. with you?

-- Maria (, May 24, 2000.

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