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Does anybody know where I can purchase an aluminum case with the aproximate dimentions = 20" lengh, 16" height, 10" depth, with the lid opening on the top. I checked out ebay already.

-- Raven (, May 22, 2000


Rimowa, which is expensive, offers the Tropicana series which is made from marine plywood covered with aluminum with a fully modular interior which is insulated and fully waterproof to 67 feet without "O" rings.

You will only find them at camera stores and not on auction. Even old ones.

-- Bob Salomon (, May 22, 2000.

You should look at Lightware's line of cases for View cameras. No they aren't aluminum.

-- Ellis Vener (, May 22, 2000.

Halliburton's are nice but if you travel, they "scream" photo equipment otherwise they are great. I think has their web site. Cheers, Scott

-- Scott Walton (, May 22, 2000.

Try or e-mail them on Please note they may be quite expensive, as according to the marketing blurb "manufacturers of portfolios, binders and equipment cases handmade to your requirements".

-- David Kirk (, May 23, 2000.

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