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Hi, I've been able to successfully make a vcd of still photos which plays fine in my dvd player but I want to take the next step. My question is, how can I overlay an mp3 or wav track over the stills so it plays throughout the slide show. And what format does the audio have to be in. Where would you put the track?


-- tygrus (, May 22, 2000


What you need to do is demultiplex the VCD mpeg, then add your sound to the mp2 file then multiplex the video and audio back together.

VCD mpegs are MPEG-1 video and MPEG-1 Layer 2 audio.

I do something similar with the TV shows I record. Often announcers will talk over the music during the credits of a show. But, if you can get a recording of the credits music without the announcer, you can remove one audio track and insert another.

I use the DVMPEG multiplexor and demultiplexor. And I use Cool Edit 2000 to edit the audio. I convert everything to wav. do my editing then convert back to mp2 using wav2mpeg.

Check out the following sites:

Good luck. Good luck.

-- Michael S. Gilmore (, May 22, 2000.

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