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In case you don't know Europes biggest airshow happens next weekend 27 - 28 May at RAF Mildenhall (Suffolk)

Both the F117 and B2 are rumoured to be flying. Burgers are plentiful and the Budweiser is cheap.

I'll be there (It's only about 12 miles from home. Anyone else?


-- Moggy (, May 21, 2000


Sounds fun!

Hey Moggy, wish I could be there! I work on Kadena AirBase in Okinawa. Each year there is a "static" aircraft display. It's very popular event. Wish they would have an air show. But the Japanese government doesn't like hotshot Tom Cruise types buzzing the neighbors.

I sometimes go to watch the F-15 Eagles and F-16 Falcons take off at dusk. When they kick in the afterburner it's cool to watch the long blue trail tailing plane.


-- CB Barnes (, May 22, 2000.

It will be!

Got the programme for the Air Fete.

Current inventory stuff includes both stealths (B2 and F-117 "Wobblin Goblin") B1, F16, C17, KC135 and such.

Back catalogue encompasses B52, A10 and F104 amongst others.

Warbirds are B17, Spitfire, F4U, P51.

Plus about 6 display teams - including of course, the pale imitation "Red Arrows".

Living just 6 miles north of RAF Lakenheath (Currently on loan to 48th Fighter Wing USAF) I know just what you mean. Nothing beats an early evening take off by a pair of F-15E. They use full burner to get airborne and drag long flaming tails. Always a disappointment when the aircraft are single-seat F15C which go off on mil power.

If you ever get to UK - lets go sit on the threshold.


-- Moggy (, May 23, 2000.

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