FARIDPUR - Telephone Bill Ghost?

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Title: Ghost bills shock telephone subscribers of Faridpur

from Our Correspondent


FARIDPUR, May 20: The telephone subscribers of the district are shocked by the ghost bills supplied to them by the local T&T office.

Such ghost bill came to Lili Begum, a resident of Alipur in the town.

Lili Begum's telephone number is 4683. She received a telephone bill of Taka 43,345 against her telephone set for the month of November, 1999. Such an inconceivable amount of money in a month's telephone bill came to Lili Begum as a bolt from the blue.

On the advice of some local T&T officials she applied to the competent authority for correction of the bill. But she was driven out of her wits when she got another bill of her telephone amounting to Taka 1,52,707 for the next month December. But the telephone bills against her telephone set from January '99 to July '99 came only Taka 241.20, 226.91, 243.25, 282.00, 235.09, 275.89, and 249.36 respectively. But she received a bill of Taka 1,96,052 for the months of November and December of the same year which is absolutely an absurd amount.

On receipt of these two abnormally high bills, Lili Begum has gone almost mad. She met the divisional engineer with all the bills mentioned above but they reportedly paid no heed to her complaint.

So, being utterly disappointed Lili Begum drew the attention of the T&T Minister Mohammad Nasim to look into the matter to get the bills of November and December corrected in the light of previous bills of her telephone set. There are many other cases like Lili Begum who are victims to ghost bills and are contemplating to surrender their telephone sets.



-- (Dee360Degree@aol.com), May 21, 2000

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