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First, there should be a Question Category of "playbackability" or "questionable playback" where we can post a recording that is difficult to playback for others to try out. So when one person attempts all avenues to playback a recording and can't (but they think it really should playback), they should post a message in that category before editing to the score to zero. so we can get some group verification.

Vaz's growl scores don't playback for me even when using the version they both claim to use Mame32Lang+37b2. Vaz claims the playbacks work for him. I'm interested in hearing about others attempts at playing Vaz's growl (and clones) played back.

But what confuses me is GBY's growl m36b6 recording. He says it plays back but it doesn't for me. And i "think" he used the dos one to record it. I haven't deleted any grwol scores only zeroed the values, so the recordings should still be there to download, just don't limit the search to the top 3 scores... thanks happy playbacking.

-- Anonymous, May 20, 2000

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