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Welcome back Thrax.....it's been too quite in your absence. No real "biting, controversial" posts on the AGW.

Moggy! Hang in there buddy! I felt the same way when I took the plunge from EZ to RL mode. It just seemed so strange at first, but it didn't take long to adapt. Biggest hints are 1. Set stick damper to adjust input, 2. use minimal stick input at first, then gradually you'll get a feel for it.

The great thing is learning the quirks of each plane. You can really start to use each planes full potential, i.e. hammer head turns, crisp loops, and better rudder asisted turns. IMO, RL mode adds a lot more enjoyment to the game. Once you've converted, you'll never want to go back to EZ.


-- Tex (cbbarnes@konnect.net), May 18, 2000

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