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I have an Athlon 700mhz and was made up to find out that I could capture in Video CD 2 format in real tme with WinVcr. I then burnt the file using WIn ON CD and presto , a video cd that works great on PC (the quality was pretty good as the source was a laserdisc).


1. I struggled to get a toshiba dvd player to read it (i) realised that normal cdr media no good , silver on silver required

(ii) used a CDRW and at last got the disc to be recognised , but the quality was terrible , far below pc , it skipped all over the place and it was blocky.

Question is , IS IT A PROBLEM WITH WINVCR ? I have read that the bitrate should be set as high as possible for capture , and then burnt by say nero as non standard vc disc. OR

Do I have to scout around and find more compatable CD Media.

I know the player is okay cos I have vcds from other sources , recorded on Phillips media which play fine.

Any comments welcome..

-- Marky Boy (, May 18, 2000


First and most important step you can take is to replace that Toshiba with either a Pioneer, Philips, Konka, Raite, Apex or first- generation Sony. If you are serious about creating more VCDs (at least if you want to play them on a DVD set-top, and not only on the PC), you will do this. Then we can take it from there. If you insist on using that Toshiba you will end up going around in little cirles forever trying to find out what recordable media will or will not play on it (and then just when you've concluded that such media is out-of-stock, etc).

-- EMartinez (, May 20, 2000.

Thanks for that , I now realise that there are certainly some DVD players to buy and some which should be avoided. The only problem is that here in the UK we tend to pay a lot more than in say, the USA for example , so sometimes we just have to make use with what we have got.

It does however (fingers crossed) look like I have found media that does the job.


-- markyboy147 (, May 21, 2000.

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