Have scsi1hlp.vxd but still can't copy or play dat

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I've read the posts and have scsi1hlp.vxd properly installed and have Media Player but I can't copy dat files from my VCD (created with Adaptec software) onto my HD, nor can I play them at all. Please help!


-- Lou (landtp@tciway.tc), May 17, 2000


VCD dat files are in a special record format that VCD creation software writes to CD's. You need a program such as VCDCutter to extract the dat files to mpeg in PC file format on your hard drive. You can then play the mpeg using Mediaplayer. Copying dat files directly to hard disk changes the record structure and screws them up.


-- Garth (bird@iinet.net.au), May 18, 2000.

OK now I'm really confused...I read probably a dozen posts on how Media Player should be able to play VCD's from cd-rom on a PC. I also read that you need the scsi1hlp.vxd file for the PC to be able to read and copy these dat files onto a PC from the ide cd-rom. Now you tell me that you can only play VCD's on a PC if you use the VCD cutter.

1. Is it or is it not possible to copy DAT files from a VCD that was created in Adaptec software to the hard drive when read from an IDE cd-rom drive?

2. Is it or is it not possible to play the same VCD on the PC using Media Player?

3. If the answer is yes to either of the above, why then can I not seem to be able to do it?

4. I have read that I can expect to find that only a few DVD Players (eg. Pioneer) will actually play this same VCD, but that it may also depend on the media. So far I have been using CD-R disks - as a rule should I only burn CD's on the more expensive CD-RW disks? Whats my best option for most DVD Players - which is most likely to work (ie type and brand of CD to use - best bet)?

Thanks VERY much for the help and input...I wish there was a comprehensive guide to this stuff somewhere...



-- Lou (landtp@tciway.tc), May 18, 2000.

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