avi capture from fly tv card with ulead media studio 5.01

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when I want to capture avi from fly tv card after 5 minutes later my pc was blocking ( windows98-pentium266).I checked same thing with video in from tv card but there was same problem.If somebody help me I would be appreciated

-- yuksel yilmaz (yyilmaz@ixir.com), May 17, 2000


Exactly what do you mean by "my PC was blocking"?? If you mean your PC hangs it could be that with the AVI codec being used (and the parameters it was set to such as frame rate, audio bitrate, compression ratio, etc) when the 2 gigabyte filesize limit is reached, instead of simply stopping capture, the PC hangs. This often happens with the kind of codecs that get installed with Windows98 on a slow PC with a garden variety capture device (like Fly TV, which is cheap in every sense of the word; you get exactly what you pay for). Another is trying to capture onto a slow, small, undefragmented hard drive (anything below 10GB for capture drive purposes these days is suspect); when that many frames get dropped again the PC simply hangs. Anyway, after you restart your PC can you recover and use any of the captured files?? If you wish to you can e-mail me directly.

-- EMartinez (epmartinez@yahoo.com), May 20, 2000.

ý have fly tv card but ý have not fly tv card driver. can you help me? please...

-- demir týmur karaca (timurkaraca1982@hotmail.com), December 21, 2001.

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