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OH OH! I hope the hackers don't see this. Looks like a challenge to me.

Prague Air Navigation Services Says Prepared for Hackers

PRAGUE, May 17, 2000 -- (Reuters) The Czech Air Navigation Services said its vital computer systems are virtually impervious to hacker attack, but contingency plans do exist.

"We have the most modern computer equipment for our navigation systems and have taken every possible precaution against direct or indirect hacker attack," a senior systems specialist at the air traffic controller told Reuters.

Computer technology used for air navigation is unique to the profession and unknown by most hackers.

"Moreover, in order to fully debilitate our systems, a massive direct attack on several sites at once would be necessary," and such an attack is impossible via the Internet.

"If all fails our staff are still trained to track flights using charts and rulers."

The Czech Airports Authority said its systems are also fully prepared for hacker attack, with contingency plans similar to those used for Y2K in place as well.

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-- Martin Thompson (, May 17, 2000

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