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Does anybody has any experience in installing Panasonic Plug-in and using it in VirtualDub ?

Thanks for your attention.

-- Mike (yankee_mickey@yahoo.com), May 17, 2000


It dosen't work that way. Vdub's frameserver does not work with panasonic's encoder.

-- eric (eric@snowmoon.com), May 17, 2000.

Yes, the frameserver in version 1.3c does work with panasonic standalone encoder. If you want to convert ASF to VCD, then do this.

1. Run the included frameservices to install the frameserver function. 2. Use Virtual Dub to copy the audio part to *.wav. Make sure you do the sound conversion the the appropriate Hz, bit, and stereo. 3. Run the Proxyon.reg to activate the frameserver function. 4. Use Virtual Dub to open the ASF file. 5. Use the video option to add the resize filter to set the frame size appropriately (352x240 VCD) 6. Start the frameserver and save the file to *.avi format 7. Open up Panasonic. Make sure you uncheck the use the same file for the sound in panasonic. Select the video from the *.avi. Select the audio from *.wav. 8. Setup your advance options and hit the start encoding button :)

-- lnguyen (wingstarzz@hotmail.com), May 17, 2000.

Thanks Eric and Nguyen,

My question is actually to install Panasonic Plug-In to be the active compressor in VirtualDub.

I guess from both of your answers, it is not possible to do this.

Thanks again for the info how to activate frame server in VDub to be used by Panasonic Stand Alone.

-- mike (yankee_mickey@yahoo.com), May 18, 2000.


When you use the frameserver, you are actually using it as an active compressor just like a plug-in. All the frameserver does is to provide the correct format *.avi for your stand alone encoder to process frame by frame. The only thing is that you can not process the sound with the frame server; That's why you must demux the sound first into a separate file.

-- lnguyen (wingstarzz@hotmail.com), May 18, 2000.

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