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I want to start creating VCD's. I have all the software required to create the mpg but am still trying to decide which software to use for creating the vcd's. I wish to create a simple one level menu for each vcd I create.

Menu example:

Show1 Show2

I know Easy CD creator Deluxe 4.0 allows you to create a simple menu but I have heard that the software is not very stable for creating CD's. Is this the only software that allows the creation of menus for Vcd's or is there better software for doing this?

-- Tony Duckett (, May 16, 2000


There is a better program for creating menus. It is called Video Pack 4. Look through the postings on this site for more info or go to: . Hope this helps!

-- Jay (, May 16, 2000.

just a question, i am wondering, where can i get video pack4 and is it a standalone programme or an add on, please help me. thanks

-- dave richman (, May 17, 2000.

I would like to know how to start making vcd's. I have spent a lot of time looking for software, and found only one program called Video CD2.0, which was made many years ago and doesn't suport any of the MPG's i make. I have many video's on my hard drive i would like to put onto cd with a simple menu, and was wondering how i should get started. Any suggestions?


-- Jon Vankekerix (, September 24, 2001.

The best program by far to use for VCD's is Nero

-- Kenny2kk (, April 07, 2002.

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