Hi honey! I'm home...

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Well after a week @ E3 where I met the quiet and short Talons, saw WWII On-Line and turned into a panda with sunburn I am back with a vengance.

Soooo, this means 1) A BFG of a Squad Meet. 2) An Updated Web Page 3) The last few bits of squad art up on the BBS 4) Squatc the .bmp you sent me wont open. Any chance of a resend.

Will mail ya all. Nice to be back, see you buggers soon ;)


-- Thrax (DemUK@aol.com), May 16, 2000


Welcome hoooooooooome!

Glad you are back Thrax.

Did you happen to see Mrs Moggy, her being in the States at this time. (Florida in fact, but you could well hear her when she gets chateau'd)

Big confession coming up (Deep breath)

I've always flown in easy mode and now I'm finding it real hard - ooops - hangs head in shame. Any tips?

What's this about configuring Otto? I might well be headed for a career as a permanent buff driver.


"Plywood is good 'cos nobody expects you to dogfight in difficult mode"

-- Moggy (moggy-@warbirds.com), May 16, 2000.

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