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The camera is pretty neat (or at least I hope so - I'll figure out how bad the picture quality is once I get the settings optimized.

But the software that came with it is ridiculously slow. I was using Kabcam with the other webcam for the webpage uploads, and it's great - occasionally doesnt upload a picture but the set up is simple and even when it messes up the upload, it doesn't take my machine down with it.

Does anyone know if I can still use Kabcam with this one? And if not, any other suggestions for something equally simple (minus 'cutesy'). All I want to do is upload one picture to the website, with the same name each time - no logging and chewing up webspace.

And even if you don't know of a way to do that with this cam, what are your webcam and webcam software recommendations?

-- Anonymous, May 15, 2000


Intel's PC camera works with Kabcam, I don't see why yours won't. You want a clunky interface and stupid software? Try Intel's. I can even send you a copy. Every camera they sell they add an extra set of the software in a mailer for you to send to a friend.

-- Anonymous, May 16, 2000

Well, on the second day it DID work with Kabcam so I'm putting the whole thing to computer gremlins.

The picture quality isn't as good as the other one (or I haven't found the right settings yet) but I'm continuing to give it a go.

Someday I'm gonna have time to play with all my gadgets, I swear...

-- Anonymous, May 17, 2000

And no. I have a lifetime supply of bloated Cutseyware now, thanks! ;)

-- Anonymous, May 17, 2000

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