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I'm interested in information about the activities of Russian consulate in San Fransisco

-- yuri popov (, May 15, 2000


What is needed for a advanced language student from Yakutk, Siberia to get a visitation or work Visa to the US ?(Anchorage,Alaska)He wishes to visit University of Alaska in Anchorage within the next 2 to 3 months.University of Alaska has a exchange program with Yakutk State Univerity and he would be eligible for in-state tuition here. I am willing to assist him during his stay here in Alaska. He hopes to obtain a B A degree in English and possibly teach Russian in the US in the future.I'm a responsible person who has worked for the state of Alaska for 13 years.

Would completion of "English as a Foriegn Language" exam in Vladovustock help him with obtaining a visa?

Thank you for your time.

Lenny Frye

-- Roy Lenny Frye (, February 04, 2002.

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