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I'm tyring to get IMR mode to work, but can't get any print on a book. VIP-NT Help shows how to add an IMR job to the Job Queue, but not how to run it. Can anyone help?

-- Anonymous, May 15, 2000


There is a job aid in the RRD help file for IMR. I will restate it here. The key thing is step 7: you need to flag the print demand eye five times to get print on the book because the Scitex printers have a five book buffer.

1. Do the Maverick makeready first.

2. Download the Setup you are going to use.

3. In Line Operations, go into independent makeready (IMR).

4. Put all printers online.

5. Add a job to the IMR job queue. Refer to Job Aid, "Adding a Job to the Job Queue."

6. Start up the line.

7. Flag the print demand eye five times (once per chainspace), put a piece of paper, signature or book down on the line before the print demand and, when the product goes under the print demand eye it should get printed on.

8. Remember the Scitex printers have a 5 book buffer, so when you make a change in the active file let the line run flag the eye 5 times, and then run the product through.

Note: You can do IMR before the line is mechanically made ready except on right reading pockets.

-- Anonymous, May 15, 2000

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