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Hello All,

Anybody has any luck making SVCD with NERO 5.0 that would play on there stand alone DVD?

I have a APEX DVD player and it keep trying to initialize the disk when I put a SVCD burned with NERO 5.0 in it.

The same MPEG2 file using I-author and EZCD Creator method work fine in the same player.

Thanks for any feed back.


-- Tuan Tran (, May 15, 2000


Just used it and it works great! Made a video CD using a dazzle/usb capture to capture the mpeg right into a vcd mpeg and burned it right to the cd with Nero and played it on my Sony DVP-S360 with comparable video quality to vhs. I will spending my weekend making VCD for sure!

-- Billy Bob (, May 18, 2000.

But that encoder you use for svcd with nero. ?.

-- Piero Niego (, May 22, 2000.

Tuan Tran,

You can use bbMpeg as the MPEG2 encoder,, which build-in SVCD format. I tested a 40 sec. DV with Nero, it work. But remember to keep the bitrate of the generated SVCD data stream within the SVCD specification.


-- Heater WONG (, June 21, 2000.

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