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OK, I've just upgraded my soundcard to SB Live! value, which sounds much better than my old ISA soundcard. However, when I capture MPEG-1, it doesn't record sound. I tried re-installing MMC 6.2 then there are some errors appear, something about invalid dll's, and sound doesn't work. When I re-install SB Live! driver, sound works fine, but no sound in captured material. I think there's some conflict between dll's but I can't figure out exactly what to do. Oh, and when I just play TV, there *is* sound. It just disappears when I record mpegs. If anyone has answers, plz let me know. Thanks.

-- Lee, Bora (, May 15, 2000


Had the EXACT same problem! ATI has a MMC Driver version 6.3 that will correct it! Call and have them send you one it's free.

-- Smith, T.J. (, May 15, 2000.

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