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Does anyone know where I can get a replacement rewind crank assembly for my AE-1? It fell off and got lost. All that is there now is a threaded screw that lifts up to pop the case.


-- Lewis Horn (, May 14, 2000


Same thing happened to me (AT-1). If it's just the crank itself and not the whole spindle, find a repair shop with lots of junk cameras laying around and you'll probably find something that fits. I replaced mine with the crank from a Pentax K-1000. There are probably others that will work as well.

-- Hal Mothershed (, May 15, 2000.


I suspect just about any Canon rewind crank will fit, tho it may not look at home. I've also seen a pentax rewind crank on a Canon EF, so the above gentleman is onto something. If you find an independent repair shop he'll probably have several derelict AE-1s to remove a crank from. Good Luck

-- Bill Salati (, May 17, 2000.

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