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-- Lolly (, May 13, 2000


I hate to be rude, but the paranoia about:


UN troops on the interstate,



Alien invasions,

Poison contrails,

and every other pathetic conspiracy musing known to mankind are better received at the anti-Semitic - gay hating fun room over at sleazy. Please don't posion our environment with this hatred...

-- Y2K Pro (, May 13, 2000.

Y2K Pro,

Do you believe that there are any conspiracies alive today, or do you believe that everything that happens is dutifully reported in the mainstream press?

-- J (Y2J@home.comm), May 13, 2000.


I do not dismiss conspiracies out of hand - they have existed - they will continue to exist. What I object to is the sheeple who believe every part of their pathetic lives are being affected by some "conspiracy " or other. Witness the speculation about every single plane crash that occurs - they are not simply failures of people or equipment - but rather the result of the NWO or Illiterati or the Bildebergers exercising their might.

Nonsense? Only to the rational...

-- Y2K Pro (, May 14, 2000.

Are Bildeburgers as good as Big Macs?

-- Lars (, May 14, 2000.

Y2K Pro,

I agree that not everything is a conspiracy, but as you stated, there have been conspiracies, and will be again. Thus, DISMISSING every conspiracy theory is almost as irrational as EMBRACING every conspiracy theory.

Since "sheeple" is a term used to describe the unknowing masses(and I would venture a guess that many more Americans DON'T believe in NWO, UFO, Bilderbergers, Illuminati, et al, than do), I would say that the term "sheeple" should be reserved for those who won't acknowledge any conspiracies at all. May I suggest that you pick another term, like "paranoid", to describe those that embrace everything as a conspiracy.

One final query: How do you feel about the rather long list of Clinton associates that have turned up dead, either by accident or suicide?

-- J (Y2J@home.comm), May 14, 2000.


Those Illiteratti terrify me too!

Did you really put the Larouche stuff up on that old Andy-bait thread?

-- flora (***@__._), May 15, 2000.


I thought I was clear that I do not discount EVERY possible conspiracy, but the NWO, UFO invasions, Bilderbergers, Illuminati as well as UN concentration camps in Kentucky I can do no more than yuck at. Never mind the Cydonia and the face on Mars, Crop circles, The Dead Sea Scrolls, Bible Codes or the history of Martian global evolution.

My favorite conspiracy from last year was the one that postulated that trucks parked at WalMart were more proof that the gubmint was hiding the real truth about Y2K. woo-hee.

"One final query: How do you feel about the rather long list of Clinton associates that have turned up dead, either by accident or suicide?" I "feel" that it is a rather tired attempt to discredit the President by his rather long list of enemies. Most of the people on the "list" have no more than a tenuous relationship with the Whitehouse or the President. No reputable journalist anywhere has seen this list as anything more than fanciful musings by the extreme right wing.

While I "feel" the President is a lying sack of excrement, I see no compelling evidence of a grand conspiracy of murder.

Now, if you want fun CT, check out one of sleazy's regular customers and his "theories" regarding what was going to happen just prior to rollover - a guaranteed thigh slap

1. --watch for one or more spectacular firearm's related massacres, probably following on the "children and guns" theme. I am of the opinion that several of the most recent were government agent provocatur operations, most notably the littleton colorado, and the jewish day care center shoot em up.

2. --watch for an emergency crisis over seas which will call for even further dispersal of stretched thin US troops. The rogue manipulators in the government know full well which generals would cooperate with despotic martial law, and which won't. The ones that won't will get orders overseas. I'm thinking possibly iraq.

3. --Also, watch for possibly one more big plane crash, this one carrying high ranking military officers, and possibly some members of congress.

4. --watch for some sort of domestic chem or bio attack in a major city or city

5. --watch for the internet to be severely disrupted, it will be blamed on a "cyber attack" or some sort of new killer virus or something ---

6. a combination of these events in a short period of time is most telling. emergency executive orders and martial law will arrive very soon afterwards. also, be prepared for that to happen in the middle of the night.

7. ----cessation of firearms transfers, even between private individuals,

8. --a "temporary" ban on ammunition sales,

9. --and possibly a fed announcement of a "roundup" of "potential domestic terrorists" will also be an almost immediate precursor

10. ---the first effects will be in some rural and some urban areas. I am thinking it will be a mixed proactive strike by "them". --the bio attack will be the worst, look for very unusual flu outbreaks, with a lot of internet warnings the week or 10 days before of unusually high amounts of "chemtrails" --this is my best assessment. as to which cities, the obvious big ones, I don't think NYC or washington dc will be hit first, I'm more expecting strikes on the "heartland". It's more unexpected, and people there don't perceive themselves as being so vulnerable. It will be designed to instill terror in populations not psychologically prepared for it as much. zog the warner

zog (, November 20, 1999.

-- Y2K Pro (, May 15, 2000.

I wonder if y2kpro1 would regard Palestinians or Syrians as being "anti-semitic"

something has to "control" clinton as he's not capable of controlling himself presumably used to be "the smartest woman in the US" i.e. Hillary of course

what does that make the rest of the women over there

totally brain dead

not my fault just a logical deduction

-- richard (, May 15, 2000.

Mr. Dale.

Punctuation is wonderful thing, providing clarity to otherwise meaningless poofery. Try it, you might like it!

-- Granny Grammar (, May 15, 2000.

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