What firewire board will work with Premiere/best firewire ?

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Hello everyone...

I am thinking of getting the Firewire board so that I can make VCD for a better quality. Right now I got the Miro DC30 and it seem work fine for me for the last year or so. And recently I just bought this PYRO (ADS) Firewire board for only $100.00 then I have read the menual and tell me that I can't use Premiere with it, so I will return and want the one that will work with Premiere. I have look into MOTODV (Radius) and StudioDV (Pinnacle) something that I can affort.. Please tell me which one of these or other that gove me a good quality and prices...?


-- Todd.... (vanna@webcombo.net), May 13, 2000

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