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Someone reputable recently told me this story and I wonder if anyone else has heard it. Back in the 1930's or so, Lake Merced had a certain kind of fish that was undesirable. In an attempt to get rid of this fish, the Parks Dept.(or whoever was in charge at the time) brought sea lions from Seal Rock to Lake Merced. The sea lions ate the fish, but apparently they didn't eat the heads and those ended up rotting along the shore. Eventually, the sea lions ran out of food and starved. The Parks Dept. then gave up on the whole project and put some sort of chemical in the lake to kill off the undesirable fish. Anyone know if this is true?

-- Christine Miller (, May 13, 2000


Being a fresh water lake, I would doubt sea lions would flourish in it, no matter how much fish they had. Sounds like an Urban Legend to me.

-- RE Ruef (, February 24, 2002.

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