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Dear Jytte

I have been compiling text for the customer care section over the past few weeks and are coming close to completion. There are, however, several areas which I feel the users would benefit from further clarification.

1. QA. How exactly does Coloplast ensure quality? I have one or two paragraphs that mention Coloplast's endeavours working with various standards, however I lack a description of the overall QA safeguards that are in place. Cold you provide me with a paragraph of two that summarises the QA system naming real life examples?

2. Brief definition of AIM (Accelerate Ideas to Market) Even though I have the AIM brochure I can't easily grasp the concept. The material jumps right in to the subject without an introduction. For the uninitiated (me) this is confusing. Could you please ask someone to write a paragraph summarising the goal of AIM and working procedure in layman's terms please.

3. Ideas and concept. Although I have material which names specific examples of Coloplast working with users and professionals I don't have an overall understanding of the procedure Coloplast employs when launching a new product. I would like a description of where, how and with whom the product ideas start and how that progresses into the development phase.

-- Anonymous, May 12, 2000

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