What do you need to do this weekend?

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Clean my room.

Do my laundry.

Buy a Mother's Day present.

Clean out my car.

Go to the gym.

Take some pictures.

Make better friends with Uncle Humble, who now has a fully functioning darkroom.


-- Anonymous, May 11, 2000


Hey, my life is like a Smiths song since I don't work now. (singing) "Every day is like Sunday..." lalalal

Still, got stuff to do.

Dentist appointment for dan at 9 am.

Interview with a potential pediatrician for Daisy at 11:30.

Very last time I ever have to do schoolwork -- research project meeting at 5:30 (on a Friday night. LAME!)

Saturday: class about how to take care of a newborn baby from 10 to 12:30.

Obligatory mother's day visit with Dan's mom, mom, and grandma.

Probably need to see a movie saturday afternoon before we never ever get to go to a theatre again.

Clean our bathroom, or rather, nag Dan until he does it because I can't stay bent over long enough to clean the bathtub or behind the toilet.

Sunday: obligatory mother's day breakfast with mom, grandma, dad, and mar's non-husband.

Gotta get my dog his shots sunday, too.

-- Anonymous, May 11, 2000

Come up with something for mom.

Start organizing stuff for trip, getting things I need.

Lunch with family on Sunday.

Go see Lew's show on Saturday.

Try to get to UCD for Whole Earth sometime.

Study for History Final.

Do work for Art.

Figure out classes for Summer, Fall, how to get to be able to transfer, etc.

Search for jobs and apartments.


-- Anonymous, May 12, 2000

Burn James Hetfield in effigy... Burn Lars Ulrich in effigy... Burn Kirk Hammet in effigy... Burn Jason Newstead in effigy...

Conduct seance to contact Cliff and see if he's glad he's not a part of this fucked up band any more.

Go to the zoo in San Francisco(south of Market, you ask? No, the actual zoo...though SoMa would do nicely).

Put a link to http://www.blowthedotcomoutyourass.com on my web page.

Make MP3's of all my Metallica CD's. Burn said CD's and distribute said MP3's to every server in the world...

Rape Dr. Stein's personal stash o' MP3's for anything I can find to fill up drive space.

Call my midget friend Steve and get James' new address ; send hatemail.

All in a days' work...

-- Anonymous, May 12, 2000

Mother's Day gifts!!

Tonight: going to see a band. My friends and my most recent ex (pine) will be there. I may or may not shop a little on my way home from work. Will come home after bands, write several poems. *sigh*

I'm quadruple-booked Saturday. Two bands I want to see, plus a company picnic, and I perform spoken word. I'm blowing off the picnic and I would blow off performing, but I agreed to go last night, because I forgot I was going to go to this other thing. Shit. I'm so sad that I'm missing one of the bands. Crap. Original line up, friends I haven't seen in months, the whole schmear. I'm so peeved.

Sunday: no clue, but if I don't call my mom & g-mom, I'm in hot water.

-- Anonymous, May 12, 2000

So, it's technically sunday (Happy mother's day to me!) so I'm cheating.

Saturday was: Jake takes the car to work, so I can stay home and clean the house day. It kinda worked out. I almost got all the laundry done, but that's about it. Baby was up all day, so I couldn't do much else. She's out like a LIGHT now, though. (=

Sunday is: Go to the mall to get MIL Mom's day gift, talk Jake into getting me YET ANOTHER THING for Mom's Day (Nah, prolly not) then Dinner at Jake's mom's at four. Was going to do coffee with stasi, but I don't think enough folk are going to be interested. Later in the week.

-- Anonymous, May 14, 2000

Look, it's almost the weekend again!

This weekend all we're planning is to go see the Gladiator.

After Battlefield Earth you'd think we'd go see the girliest movie ever... but call me a chump, I'm just happy to have a whole thing of popcorn all to myself for two hours. And I hear that Russell Crowe isn't bad to look at, either.

Oh, and we're going to a tanning salon that also does nails... (Tan for Dan, nails for me. Not vice/versa. heh)

-- Anonymous, May 18, 2000

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