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I'll be spending the weekend with a bunch of my biker buddies at an annual gathering. It will be a rather large talent pool so I'd really like to know how many I can include on a team. Is there a minimum-maximum or just a flat number with no backups should one fall ill? It looks to me like 3 is the active number but the '99 photo looks like it could be 3,4 or 7.

-- Joe Fleming (, May 11, 2000


Three is the number. During competition, each team is supplied with a domain expert. In the case of the nerds, we did arrange for someone as a backup. However he won't be travelling "in case", he only gets on a plane if one of us can't.

That picture shows two teams, each with their expert. (note the different colored uniforms) If I remember correctly, they were the two teams contending for last years final...

-- dp (, May 12, 2000.

I'm 43, in Gunnison, CO and want to assemble a team. A jack of all trades team. motto would be.....keep it simple.... Welding, turning wrenches, machine design ,structure, & construction are my best skills. Looking for 2 more members in good health & condition(I am) that hopefully live near here that want to compete.

Email me if you're interested:

-- Joe West (, November 27, 2000.

hi joe! i`m in denver, and also 43! id love to try this out as well! im a master auto tech by trade as well as a fabricator of sorts!which includes welding!! if your still interested...drop me a line! this would be a blast! i was told of this show by a co-worker who said as soon as he saw the program, he immediatly thought of me!! :o)

-- tim (, December 30, 2000.

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